Instructions for Entering

Cowabunga, Man!

Cowabunga, Man!

As the playoffs round into shape many of us must be forced to call our manhood (or lack of womanhood) into question. Sprouts that begin to develop on our faces will be allowed to grow unruly rather than trimmed in the spirit of American professionalism. As our Jewish friends ask every Pesach, “Why? Why is this night different from all others?” Because, my friends, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Because it’s the Cup!

So in the spirit of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and in support of your heroes we will be hosting “The Lockout Shortened 2012-2013, Sometimes-Annual, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest” once again. All wishing to participate should email their “before” picture to the official contest email: Pictures will be posted on the official contest website a/k/a HERE (which you should check out for some great posts!).   While there is no hard deadline for entering, it’s best to get those before pics in ASAP so we can get a post going and everyone can peep the competition.

As usual, prizes will be glorious and well thought out. As contest chairman I can guarantee fairness, equality and a chance for boneheads of all genders, creeds and sympathies.

Beards are no longer just for Avatars.



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