Make the Final Shave the Best Shave

Shave Like Your Dad, "The Right Way"

Shave Like Your Dad, “The Right Way”

If you’re a fan of one of the teams that already begun their playoff run I’m sorry.  This won’t apply to you.  If not, read on.

We are only a few hours away from Puck Drop for the Thursday, May 2, 2013 games.  That means that it’s almost time to abandon shaving and trimming your face forest until your team is eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Time to make some tough decisions and get a final shave in.  For example, my facial motif will be set before the puck hits the ice at the Verizon Center.  Your next shave, if your team loses, will be painful and the only lubricant used will most likely be your leftover salty tears and some blood from the razor jerking around while you sob mercilessly.  So why not go ahead and give yourself a terrific, enjoyable and smooth shave before the puck hits the ice and the playoffs begin.

Here’s a few tips from our pals at Modern Man:

• Make sure you’ve got the right shaving tools:

1) A non-disposable razor. Disposable razors are cheap, cause nicks, and irritate the skin.
2) A Glycerin-based shaving gel, cream, or moisturizer.
3) A brush. This is optional, but a brush made of badger hair ($15-$20) will help the shaving cream get under your stubble better than your hands.

• Look at the contours of your face and check out how your facial hair grows. Not every man’s facial hair grows in the same direction. Also, don’t shave immediately after you wake up. Your skin will still be puffy, and this could lead to more nicks.

• Wash your face with warm water, or rub your face gently with a warm towel. This will remove dirt and oil, open your pores, soften the hair, and help reduce razor burn by creating a layer between your skin and the lather so the razor will skim your skin instead of dragging over it.

• Apply shaving gel or cream against the grain of your beard in a circular motion.

• Start with the easier areas first: the cheeks and neckline. That’ll allow more time for the shaving cream to sink into the tougher areas, like under the nose and around the jawline.

• Dip your blade into warm or hot water, and shave downward on your face and neck with the direction of your stubble. It’s best to shave with short strokes while keeping the blaze horizontal. Rinse your blade often. You can lather up and go for round two — this time against the grain — but only if your skin can handle it.

• Rinse your face thoroughly with cold water to close your pores. Gently pat dry with a towel.

• Grab a hydrating aftershave and apply it liberally. If you use one with alcohol in it, expect it to burn. Remember Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone when he applied aftershave? Totally hilarious, right?! Also, that’ll happen to you.

• Some men like to douse themselves in cologne after a shower and a shave. First, stop putting so damned much on. Second, don’t apply it directly to your just-shaved skin.


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