Grammar be Damned!

Surface Area = Creativity

Surface Area = Creativity

While some of us are out there growing out our facial hair, other, more diehard fans, are taking risks and using their creativity to spur their team on to victory.  I can’t imagine any member of the Penguins seeing this guy’s chest, boobs and abdominal cavity without feeling inspired to get out there and make this guy proud.  And unlike most of us, who will be able to shave off our itchy, scratchy fuzz-muffins when the playoffs end for our team (possibly in glorious victory) this man will have to endure something far worse: the itchiness of replacing negative space.  Should his team be eliminated, he will further feel the affliction and shame as his hair grows back and slowly obscures what was once an immortal rallying cry.  “Let’s Go!”

“Kudos on a job….done.” – J. Peterman


2 thoughts on “Grammar be Damned!

    • I stole that from Yeats. The man who also said,

      “The problem with some people is that when they aren’t drunk, they’re sober.”

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