A New Season, A New Contest


Do you sometimes store an extra mid-game snack inside your helmet? #AskBrodeur

Last night, somewhere in New Jersey (who knows), the  Devils were shut out by the absolutely horrendous Calgary Flames.  That means, Martin Brodeur, who allegedly demanded a trade before the deadline, may have suited up for the Devils for the final time and may have done so to be the backup. Uncle Daddy now rides his heavily laden horse into the sunset.

In somehow even better news, the Devils loss clinched a playoff berth for the New York Rangers. That means that once again, The  Sometimes-Annual Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest is in full swing.  Boneheads everywhere will flood our e-mail with their entries for the beard contest.  People will vote. Prizes will be awarded and, despite accusations, the contest will not be rigged.

Over the next few days I will bump up some posts with rules and tips.  For now, get those faces ready, water the follicles freely and prepare for another round of intense competition!


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