Tips and “Rules”

Bonus points for letting the hair go as well!

There are lots of ideas when it comes to growing a playoff beard.  Some people start growing the minute their team clinches a playoff spot.  Some people shave right before the very first game.  Some people begin with a nice base already. Some people shave to the skin.  So here are a few tips (some call them rules) for the growing and maintaining of a playoff beard.

1. There is no prescribed time to begin growing the beard.  Personally, I will make sure I trim my facial blanket before my team (New York Rangers) sets foot on playoff ice.  But you can feel free to shave a few days before or really any time up until puck drop.

Even goalies have to get in on the action. Even under that uncomfortable mask.

2. Commit!  The most important aspect of the playoff beard is the commitment of the individual to that beard.  Make sure you map out the facial hair pattern you will be going for before puck drop.  Because once that puck drops, well, there isn’t any going back.  You can’t trim.  You can’t shape.  Nothing.  Time to ride that decision out.  No cheating just because the cup finals run long and the summer heat arrives early.

Shaving the head, in contrast to growing your hair, really enhances the sheer length of the playoff beard.

3. A playoff beard is precisely that: a BEARD.  It isn’t a mullet, no matter what Patrick Kane thinks.  The key is to have some design of facial hair that shows your commitment to the winning effort of your team.

This is NOT a playoff beard. It’s a stupid, stupid mullet.

And that’s it.  It’s a simple showing of commitment and obsession for your favorite hockey team.  Don’t be afraid to pair the beard with a nice hat of your favorite team.  Most importantly, whenever someone comments on your beard you have to remember to tell them that it’s for your favorite hockey team.  Then explain what hockey is to them.  Then give up explaining hockey and avoid that person in your office forever.


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